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Swanky Socks

Swanky Socks are an Australian start-up selling socks around the globe. They came to Project A needed a brand strategy to take to market as they expanded their product offering into the retail space. They also wanted a brand new Shopify website with e-commerce capabilities that encapsulated their new look and feel.  

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Shopify Website
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Our Mission

Shopify Website Design & Development

To design and build a complex e-commerce website where customers can purchase socks from around the world.

1. Shopify E-Commerce Website

Create a user friendly Shopify website that allows customers to order from around the world.  Website should automatically geo-locate the customers and populate their currency. Website should have a separate login for wholesale customers with customised pricing strategies. 

2. Updated look & feel

The Shopify website should align to the new brand guidelines. It should feel modern, fresh and on trend without being a gender specific design. 

3. Responsive Design

Customers should be able to order across all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile. 

Our Mission

Brand Workshop & Brand Strategy

To facilitate a marketing workshop with the Swanky Socks team to create their brand strategy. 

1. Create a core mission statement

Create a core mission statement that summarises the overall purpose of the business – why do you exist? This is used as the top pillar in the brand strategy and dictates the tone for the brand. 

2. Identify Brand Qualities

Work with Swanky to answer questions such as; What is your brand personality? How do you customers perceive your brand if you were a person? How do you want to be seen in the industry?

3. Create Brand Personas

Also known as the target market, brand personas are the key people/groups you are targeting your product or service to. 

4. Competitor Analysis

Complete a competitor analysis and identify where Swanky Socks sit in the market. 

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Our Mission

Brand Guidelines

To create brand guidelines that outlined the overarching brand look and feel for Swanky Socks. 

1. Create a colour palette

A colour palette was created which would be used to represent Swanky Socks. The colour palette needed to reflect the brand’s core qualities and be gender neutral. 

2. Choose brand typography

A brand’s typography should reflect their core business qualities & personality. The Swanky Socks typography needed to be strong, approachable and gender neutral. 

3. Target market appropriate

The brand strategy had to resonate with the Swanky Socks target markets. 

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